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Pilates Classes

Pilates is named after the man who created this very effective way of exercising our bodies – Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates basically worked out an exercise system that had the perfect balance of strength and flexibility.    


Pilates is a series of exercises that involve working the muscles from the inside out.  This means changing the way our bodies have become accustomed to working due to environmental pressures, lifestyle, occupation, stress, injuries etc.


Pilates helps to re-educate the brain and how it controls the muscles by adjusting the firing order in which the muscles are recruited, in turn correcting muscle imbalances, restoring good alignment and posture, bringing back homeostasis (balance) within the body’s systems and maximising energy efficiency.

Pilates sessions can be taken simply using a mat or in a studio setting using specialised equipment.

Some of the benefits from Pilates are:- Improved flexibility, greater strength and muscle tone, more efficient respiratory system, more efficient lymphatic system therefore less toxins in the body, more efficient circulatory system, lowered stress levels, a flatter stomach and a trimmer waist through the creation of a natural girdle of strength, better posture, fewer headaches where they are posture based and a boosted immune system.


Who can benefit from Pilates?


Everyone! Remember if you have any health issues or worries ask you medical care provider before starting any new activity.


Join Claire at the following sessions:-

Join me for Virtual Sessions on Zoom, ideal for people who want to workout at home but like to be lead.


10 am 45 minute general mat session


To book visit - 


10 am 45 minute general mat session 

To book visit -

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