Aqua Fitness Classes

So what is Aqua fitness (water aerobics, aqua aerobics, aqua fit, water exercise)?

An aqua fitness class refers to an exercise class performed in the water in anything from waist depth water to deep water ( a buoyancy belt is recommended). The exercises are generally performed in a vertical position as opposed to swimming which is horizontal.


There are many class formats available now.  Once thought of as a class just for the elderly,  less fit, injured or rehabilitating athlete it is gaining popularity as a fitness program in its own right.   

What are the benefits of Aqua Fitness?

Increased muscle strength and endurance, improves flexibility, low to no impact, alleviates pressure on the joints, being around water is soothing for most people which helps relieve stress and anxiety, burns calories, helps reduce blood pressure, naturally cooling when you are working vigorously and its very sociable as it attracts people of many ages and from many backgrounds.

Who can do Aqua Fitness?

Most people who are happy around the water will benefit from an Aqua Fitness session, if you have any health issues or worries ask you medical care provider before starting any new activity.

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